Tasty, very tasty! That’s how we would describe the new conceptcar bij Polestar, the Polestar O2.

With it’s bonded aluminium unibody, a mono-material interior and a drone the O2 can certainly be called unique.

The O2 continues the design language established with the Polestar Precept. This time as a two door convertible.

The roof can completely be removed.

The exterior design of the car clearly has been influenced by aerospace design, both the looks and the aerodynamics.

If your into wings and spoilers, this is not the car for you! The O2 has integrated aero ducts in the wheel arches and rear lights that double as air blades.

Stiff, responsive and very light, the unibody of the Polestar O2 is made from different grades of anodised aluminium, bonded by adhesive and oven cured.

The interior of the O₂ takes all the advancements made with Precept and applies them to a roadster.

Next to that, the car can record your drive by releasing a cinematic drone that can lift off and land while the car is in motion. The drone operates fully autonomical. When the car is parked videos can be edited and shared via the center display.

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