Porsche Macan T

The Porsche DNA is instantly recognizable in the sloping roofline of the Macan T.
Porsche even has a name for it: the flyline.

Porsche promises better performance and efficiency.

This Macan has a new front with a wing that highlights the width of the car. The side blades have also been redesigned and are available in new colors.

The rear diffuser has been lifted up more to give the new Macan model a more sporty look.

The Macan T has PDK, Porsche Doppelkupplung with seven stages. Shifting manually is also possible.

The PTM four-wheel-drive is variabel and therefore offers high traction, smooth performance and improved safety. Porsche Active Suspension Management, PASM makes adjusting the shock breakers easy.

As Porsche states , the Macan T is young, dynamic and urban.

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